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Derivatives trading platform based on BSC, allowing everyone to gain on-chain exposure to a vast range of assets.
2020 Q4
  • Early research and analysis on the feasibility of the project
  • Establishment of the team
  • Complete the Seed round of financing
2021 Q1
  • Release the Kalata Protocol White Paper
  • Launch the official website
  • Complete product design
  • Establish the official English community
  • Smart contract MVP design
2021 Q2
  • Finish developing web pages for minting, trading and staking
  • Complete the Beta version internal test
  • Start the Kalata Protocol Community Program
  • Establish the official Chinese community
  • Start the contract audit work
2021 Q3
  • Launch the Kalata Beta version and complete public testing
  • Complete the community PreSale and IDO
  • Launch the Kalata V1.0 DApp with KALA, KCOIN trading and mining functions available
  • Make the Kalata DApp accessible on mainstream wallets
  • Prepare to develop on SOL, NEAR, and Polygon
  • Prepare Kalata V2.0 development and testing
  • Establish partnerships with BSC projects: MDEX, Alpaca Finance, BabySwap etc.
  • Grow the community via events, operations and marketing promotion activities
  • Complete contract audits by Certik and TrustLook
  • Integrate Chainlink Price Feeds
2021 Q4
  • Update Kalata V2.0 with the NFT module
  • Update Kalata V2.0 with multiple currency support
  • Update the UI design for Kalata V2.0
  • Launch the CEX Listing Program
  • Start the LaunchPad function of Kalata
  • Support more underlying asset minting
  • Ongoing - expand global marketing promotions
  • Ongoing - reach ​​strategic partnerships with further BSC projects
  • Ongoing - further development of cross-chain capabilities
  • Ongoing - grow the community via marketing campaigns